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Wekawood’s kauri furniture is handcrafted from ancient kauri slabs. 贝壳杉

At Wekawood we hand-make kauri dining tables, coffee tables, bench tops and bar tops, along with macrocarpa tables.

We use ancient swamp kauri, that has been buried for thousands of years. The wood comes direct from our sawmiller, and is constructed by the artisans at Wekawood to preserve the natural beauty of the kauri.

Furniture made by Wekawood can be found in homes, businesses, restaurants and bars, throughout New Zealand and overseas. We can ship furniture to anywhere in the world, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Dining Tables

At Weka Wood we encourage customers to participate in the process of crafting their dining tables.  First an appropriate size slab has to be chosen. Then the type of legs decided on make a huge difference to the beauty of the finished product.  There are several styles of legs we can offer: slab legs, freeform art legs or  pedestal.



Unique Kauri Furniture

Each piece of kauri furniture made by Wekawood is unique. You select the piece of kauri slab and we create your one-off piece of furniture.

We use epoxy resin because it protects the wood, shows off the rich grain and warm colours of the kauri, and gives the furniture a liquid glass lustre as shown, or we can use a matt finishing if you prefer. Or traditional beeswax.


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About Us

A love of kauri and tales of the bushmen who worked in the kauri forests led Kerry Scott to start working in kauri timber. Wekawood is his labour of love. He produces exquisite, one off pieces of furniture for people who love kauri as much as he does.

Photo shows the milling of a midsize macrocarpa  (Cupressus macrocarpa) for table tops,



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Giant of the Forest

Kauri has a fascinating history. This king of the forest has grown in NZ for many thousands of years and can reach heights of 50 metres. It has been prized by New Zealanders since pre-European times, but its popularity almost led to its extinction, when it was heavily milled by early European settlers.

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