About Wekawood- Kauri Furniture

Setting up for milling a macrocarpa log . Stihl with 7 foot bar for scale....

Handcrafting kauri furniture is a labour of love for Kerry Scott.

He grew up on tales of the Northland bushmen, colourful men who were venerated for their hard work and rugged lifestyle. It was these tales that began Kerry’s love of New Zealand native timber.

When he started working with kauri this love affair increased. Kauri has a distinctive grain, deep warm colour, and a texture that changes under different lights. Wekawood makes slab furniture that retains all these natural qualities.

Kerry believes passionately in the conservation of this limited resource and uses buried kauri reclaimed from swamp areas to make furniture that will last for countless generations. He hopes his furniture will become antiques of the future and enable people to continue to enjoy the beauty on this native New Zealand timber for many years to come.